Partnering with Businesses to Create Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps

 We work with existing businesses and those wanting to migrate online, focusing on a more customer-centric and user-friendly user interface to connect the user.

Our team works with entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and companies to design and develop intuitive and innovative mobile applications across iOS and Androids.

20% increase in Apps development & downloads by 2023

It is estimated that the number of App downloads worldwide will amount to 299 billion, up from approximately 247 billion global App downloads in 2020.
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Mobile internet time spent on apps


Prefer apps over websites


App-based startups have higher IPO


App digital media consumption


Mintwell app

The Mintwell App as a Case Study

Mintwell is a wealth management firm helping clients build successful portfolios across Australia and in time, has helped thousands of people reach their financial goals.


UX & UI Design

Technology Architecture

Website Dev

Mobile App Dev

Maintenance & Support

The Project

The Mintwell App was created with the vision of wanting their clients to have all their assets and view their net worth in one single app: The Mintwell App. The app platform will allow clients to track all their investments and assets in real-time, including their properties, cars, stock investments, superannuation, and any other assets in one single platform.

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Site Clicks worked alongside the client from the initial consultation all the way through to development and launch. This project required our team to navigate through the financial industry-specific regulations and produce an app that would meet the project vision.

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We were responsible for bringing Mintwell’s app vision to life. As the applicant consisted of different sections of finance such as assets, stocks, and superannuation, it was crucial that the design be clean and not overload with too many numbers or information.

app development the design

We developed an app that is responsive and functional across all mobile devices with a clean and minimalistic design.

The Development 1

We Design Web and Mobile Apps that Look as Good as They Operate

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Cost-Effective & Efficient Solutions

Site Clicks does everything in-house and under one roof. From your first consultation to design and development and through to testing and launching, your project is managed entirely by us and you – the client.


If funding for your new app idea isn’t where it needs to be,
we can assist you by designing & developing an app for you to test drive and present. Prototyping allows us to create a precursory visual mock-up of your mock that aims to demonstrate all fundamental design aspects.

Go-To-Market Planning

Site Clicks can help you assess your market positioning and identify your target market to develop strategic marketing and advertising plans that will ensure you reach your target user base. We will provide ongoing support by creating target marketing and advertising plans as part of your program and road to success.

Protecting You

Site Clicks will always protect your investment and safeguard your ideas. Everything we work on will be confidential and bound by legal documentation.
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App Security

Site Clicks adopts app security measures that aim to prevent data or code within the application from being hacked or stolen. Our security measure encompasses security considerations that happen from the app design and development stage through to implementing systems to protect the apps from being hacked after it is released. The type of app security we adopt are:

Our Processes


Meet us in person or by video conference to present your ideas and vision to us. We’ll dive deep into your App plan and review all aspects.
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Planning & Strategizing

A pitch/product deck for your App will be put together to meet your business plan. We’ll also gather all requirements for your new app development before heading into development.
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Architecture, Design & Development

We’ll collaborate with two key concepts in mind: User Interface (UI), ensuring an aesthetic appeal, and User Interface (UX), ensuring seamless useability.
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Testing & Development

We conduct an App testing process to ensure your app is in the best form when we go live. We take the app through the pre-launch stage, internal testing stage, closed testing stage, and open testing before it is approved and launched.
testing development

Launching Your App with Confidence

Pre-Launch Stage

Pre-launch is critical. We run tests on your app during pre-launch across various devices for stability, performance, and accessibility.

Internal Testing Stage

This is the initial quality assurance check. The App is tested on a few of our trusted gurus during the internal testing stage.

Closed Testing Stage

Your app and any new features implemented since the previous tests will be run by Specific users to gain more targeted feedback.

Open Testing Stage

A demo version is released to selected users on Google Play and/or App Store. From there we monitor metrics and gather qualitative and quantitative feedback. This testing procedure is private and only invited users will be able to access this app.

Approval and Launch

We submit your app for approval. Your App is launched. An ‘app install’ marketing campaign can be implemented to help drive more traffic!
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Support, Maintenance & Marketing

We’ll help get your App on the App Store and Google Play. We’ll also start an App install marketing campaign to help get the necessary hype and drive more traffic.

Our Services

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Mobile App Development (iOS & Android)

Our expert and experienced developers and engineers create mobile apps tailored to your tech goals and requirements.

We provide support from the initial stages of app development and direction, from identifying your needs and objectives, to designing and developing your mobile app.

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Web App Development

Our experienced team of developers can develop web applications tailored to your specific tech requirements.

Design Your Web App
We’ll work collaboratively with you to design and develop your ideal web app. We will create an app that embodies what you truly desire to meet your specific needs and requirements.

UX and UI
We deliver flawlessly functioning web apps with exceptional user experience and user interface – but we don’t stop there. Before your launch, we’ll conduct various tests to ensure your web app is faultless in both design and functionality.

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Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app combines both native mobile apps and web app development elements. This allows us to produce iOS and Android apps without writing separate code for the different systems and platforms.

Hybrid apps offer a consistent user experience across Android and iOS platforms. Compared to native apps, hybrid apps are easier to maintain, have shorter development times, and are more cost-effective to develop. Popular hybrid apps include Twitter, Instagram, Uber, and Gmail.

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Native Mobile Apps

Native Apps are developed specifically for one platform. This allows for exceptional user experience, high-performance delivery, and a high level of accuracy and functionality.

Our team of experienced app developers has over 30 years of experience combined. This expertise and experience enable us to create native apps tailored to your specific tech requirements.

21% of millennials say they open their Apps more than 50 times per day


What are the benefits of building a native app?
Building a native app enables you to harness the full potential of the specific platform you are operating on. Native apps are renowned for delivering exceptional experiences due to their high performance and more tailored visuals to the platform UX. Apps that are built in a native environment are generally more scalable due to a larger pool of resources available.
What are the costs involved in developing a native app?
Native apps are often more costly to develop as they require different technologies and codes for the specific operating system for which they are being developed. This takes more time and resources, which subsequently produces higher costs.
What are the benefits of having a hybrid app?
Hybrid apps generally cost less and take less time to develop than native apps. They use only a single code bar and can be deployed across different devices. Another advantage of a hybrid app is that it will work offline, which means even if a user is not “online” to access real-time data, the user will still be able to load the app and see previously loaded data on the app.
What are the costs involved in developing a hybrid app?

Each stage of the app development process comes with its undertakings and charges, which subsequently make up the overall cost of your hybrid app development. Generally, hybrid apps tend to cost less to develop than native apps, as only one code is required for multiple systems and platforms. 

Additionally, key factors will influence the cost of developing an app such as: 

  • Overall complexity
  • Features
  • UX/UI design complexity
  • Third-party integrations
  • Backend/frontend development
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Branding design/visual inclusions
  • Vendor location and type
What is the difference between a native app and a hybrid app?

 Native apps are developed specifically for one platform. They are installed through Google Play or the App Store and are accessed via an icon on the device home screen. Because of their specific design, they can harness all the features and benefits that come with that platform or device.

A hybrid app is a terminology used to describe an application that is built using both web and native mobile applications. Hybrid apps are developed using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS and then wrapped within a native app. When developing a hybrid app, developers only write a single code bar, which is compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms. Some great examples of hybrid apps are Instagram, Uber and Twitter app.

Why choose Site Clicks to develop your app?

Site Clicks are experts in app development with over 30 years of combined experience. Our long-standing industry practice hasn’t diminished our enthusiasm – we are constantly innovating, staying up-to-date, and getting creative.